After a successful 30th year with “Motherland”, Pretty Maids have returned with a new compilation album titled “Louder than Ever”. The album consists of four new tracks and eight re-recorded hits from previous albums. The new songs—“Deranged”, “My Soul To Take”, “Nuclear Boomerang”, and “A Heart Without A Home”—shows that a passionate fire still burns to create new music and they still have the talent to do so. “Deranged” has melodic thrashy riffs combined with dark lyrics that instantly initiates head banging and wildly throwing your horns up. “My Soul To Take” and “A Heart Without a Home” are reminiscent of an 80’s power ballad that received major radio airplay. “Nuclear Boomerang” showcases the band’s perfect synchronization. Ronnie Atkins displays growling vocals while keyboardist Morten Sandager incorporates his melodic synthesizers in the intro of the song. Guitarist Kenny Hammer and the rhythmic section provided by bassist Rene Shades and drummer Allan Tchicaja complete the song and give it a sturdy unrelenting backbone. Re-recorded tracks like “He Who Never lived” and “Virtual Brutality” have a heavy yet modern sound that give each song a remarkable edge to it. “Tortured Spirit” describes someone struggling and waging war with their inner demons. The new and re-recorded tracks on this album are more than enough for any Pretty Maids fan, new or old, to head bang to.


The Pretty Maids

By: Matthew Caiazzo

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Celebrating thirty years of being a band, Disneyland After Dark, a.k.a. D.A.D., return with an exhilarating greatest hits album. The album consists of thirty tracks which is only natural considering the circumstances. Songs like “Marlboro Man” and “Call of the Wild’’ are straight forward hard rock. “Marlboro Man” combines a heavy country sound with punk rock thanks to vocalist Jesper Binzer. “Isn’t That Wild” is a song any punk could get in to, despite the bands dominant hard rock vibes. The amusing lyrics in “It’s After Dark” make this mid-tempo song come alive—hearing “Disneyland is closed now” makes anyone want to wreak havoc on the abandoned paradise. The heavy blues tune “I Won’t Cut My Hair” brings out everyone’s rebellious side, especially for the rock ‘n’ rollers who really don’t want to cut their hair. The Billy Idol-esque track “Girl Nation” will have you on your feet dancing with yourself shamelessly. Plenty of songs, like “I Want What She’s Got”, have catchy choruses. This song in particular has alternative instrumental aspects, giving it a heavier feel. “Evil Twin” has raunchy guitars and vocals and a deep bass line that makes you jump out of your seat. “A New Age Moving In” showcases an out with the old and in with new attitude. This enticing compilation will not leave fans disappointed, old or new.

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My music



By: Matthew Caiazzo

“Stranger we become through the blurred lens of violence. Visions drained of color and sound, sometimes I don’t recognize the monster looking back at me. And in the mirrors of my own sanity I try and gracefully look away as often as I can. An outsider in my own skin, a deteriorating sense of hope and all of the music I have ever heard eased from my memory forever, lost. I find myself wandering the halls of regret not knowing what door to open or what stair case to fall down”. These dark enthralling lines of the intro poem to William Control’s newest album Neuromance draw you into the musical masterpiece. His words paint images in your mind that blend perfectly with the music, making his words come alive. Lyrically this album is everything you want—romantic, vulgar, sexy, passionate, personal, and of course it has the iconic William Control brand of strange. The album is also musically brilliant because it fits so well with the lyrics, causing your mind to travel into other dimensions, each having their own story and feelings. The first song of the album, “Adore”, gets you up and dancing with its groovy bass line. It has the classic William Control romantic sound and lyrics with a poetic 16th century feel. “Revelator” and “Price We Pay” are lyrically darker while keeping the dance groove going. It’s difficult to pick out the album’s best song but “God Is Dead” stands out. The chorus combines with the music making it impossible to get out of your head or forget and with lyrics like, “Lovers and sinner, suffering hate, imagine a world without me,” why would you want to? His blunt words set him apart from everyone else. “The Filth and the Fetish” is a profound, perverted, sexual, vile masterpiece that turns you on the second it starts and keeps it going until the very end. “Illuminator”, featuring Andy Biersack, has a trippy sound, taking a different turn from the previous songs. “Passengers” and “The Blade” cool you down but won’t disappoint. They are both beautiful songs with a slower sound, allowing them to stand out. The last two songs “Love Is a Shadow” and “Where the Angels Burn” are classic Control songs that get your loins burning hot again. The final track ends with another beautiful poem just as powerful as the intro poem, leaving you thinking about the mysteries of life, love, and death. Neuromance is a mind blowing experience from beginning to end and takes darkwave and synthpop to another level.


William Control

By: Rita Fabozzi

State of Panic’s new album “No World Order” rocks you from top to bottom. The album is filled to the brim with riffs and choruses that will envelope your brain. The intro, “No Master Above”, riles listeners up, pumping adrenaline directly into the veins. Following this empowering intro is “One of Us”, a new anthem for us misfits wandering the world. It will have you pumping your horns in the air and head banging the moment it starts. And its catchy chorus will be stuck in your head for days to come. The album’s single, “Gun to my Head”, has the perfect balance between heavy riffs and catchy keyboards. “Digital Enemy” brings intense growly vocals into the mix and they only enhance the song, allowing listeners to feel the anger and frustration. “Scream” encourages you to do just that—scream. Scream and let everything out. “Battle Cry” has an alluring keyboard intro that coalesces with the guitar and bass riffs throughout the song, combined with the drums, vocals, and lyrics it is an album highlight. “Aviator” slows things down a bit, a heavy ballad of sorts, and lyrically it is poetic brilliance. “Rise” brings the album to a strong close. It is another anthem to head bang and sing along to and with the simple chorus you won’t be able to help it. The second “No World Order” ends it is much too easy to start it all over again.




State Of Panic

By: Laura Swartz

Scream Arena’s self-titled album blends rock ‘n’ roll and industrial metal producing an impressive record. “Born ready” and “Forever” are energetic songs with catchy Guitar Hero reminiscent riffs provided by guitarists Dave Riley and James Cooper. Bassist Nick Daniel and drummer Stix are in perfect synchronization on “The Price of Love” and the growling vocals Andy Paul supplies coalesce with the rhythm section. “Racing to the End of Night” and “House of Pain” incorporate an industrial twist to the album. “Another Night in London Town” pays homage to the classic 70’s British rock bands with its poppy vibe. “Goodnight L.A.” is a rocking song that pays respect to the 80’s hair metal scene that once dominated the west coast. “Somewhere” is the perfect cruising song, making you want to roll all the car windows or top down and let your hair fly in the wind. “Queen of Dreams” sounds like a love song with retro vibes. “Screaming Arena” has a lot of catchy tunes and there isn’t anything to be disappointed with along those lines. However, the sound quality on the album isn’t up to par and it takes away from the enthralling experience this album could really give. 


Scream Arena

By: Matthew Caiazzo

Electric Black Horse is an energetic band that fans of the 70’s hard rock will thoroughly enjoy. They have a heavy sound that emulates 70’s KISS. Electric Black Horse consists of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Michael Pate, lead guitarist Merx, bassist JT Hardy and drummer Shane Considine. “Cheap Party Favors”, the band’s true debut album, bursts at the seams with rocking tunes. Track one, “Stone Foxx’’, is straight forward hard rock with catchy lyrics and a slick chorus. “Champagne on Ice” kicks off with a short drum solo backed by solid guitars, providing a fantastic start to the song. “Boys and Girls” is a party anthem that incorporates a lot of blues elements. “Birthday Bitch” is a mid tempo song with a humorous pop rock feel. “Cheap Party Favors”, “Uptown Saturday Night”, and “Koke Rock” are old fashioned bluesy rock songs that keeps the 70’s hard rock feeling breathing. Electric Black Horse released an excellent debut album that any 70’s hard rock fan can over indulge in without feeling an ounce of guilt.


Electric Black Horse

By: Matthew Caiazzo

German power metal band Brainstorm returns with a new record entitled “Firesoul’’. Fans who have enjoyed their earlier records such as “Soul Temptation” and “Liquid Monster” will definitely be enthralled with this new body of work. ”Erased by the Dark” combines screeching vocals with a melodic thrash metal riff that honors a younger version of Megadeth. The title track “Firesoul’’ paints the image of an impending doom with vocals that give the song a metal opera feel. “Entering Solitude” displays an Iron Maiden influence with Bruce Dickenson inspired vocals. The focus of “Recall the Real” is being numb to pain that some wish they could overcome. “Shadowseeker” is a dark power metal song possessing melodic attributes, making the hair on your arms rise. Although Brainstorm’s new album has a lot of songs that stick out, some songs border on the generic side—“Feed Me Lies” and “What Grows Inside” are prime examples. Despite this, the album continues to deliver with songs like “The Chosen” and “And I Wonder”. “Firesoul” is an album with very few setbacks and fans will certainly walk away satisfied.



By: Matthew Caiazzo

I have to confess that I’m not very impressed by female fronted bands because to me they lack a lot of balls but to be perfectly honest Tania Ce has caught my attention because in the latest Moscu Babies video clip “Darios Del Caos” you can see her diving into the depths of her soul trying to find the eminent light that would bring her to the top and so far it looks like she has the right idea by surrounding herself with some of the most influential musicians in Madrid. Star Mafia Boy who produced and played on the album, Juan Olmos who mixed and mastered the album and the legendary Guitar Mafia drummer Apachete who kicks ass on drums, not to mention all of the other musicians who put their mark on this CD. As a young female caught up in the Rock’n’Roll world Tania Ce is full of youthful piss and vinegar that’s fueled by burning desire as you can clearly hear on this album. My favorite songs are “No Estoy Bien”,“Darios Del Caos”, “Triste y Gris”, “Tada” and of course one of Guitar Mafia’s hits “Kate Moss” which Tania does a pretty good rendition of. Over all I’m impressed by Moscu Babies and I admit that the songs do become addictive the more you listen to them. I only have one complaint which is coming from a place of love. In my opinion Tania has all the right elements to front a band and she can certainly sing but I feel that with a little bit more aggression and vocal wrath she could hold this Rock’n’Roll thing in the palm of her hand.


“Darios Del Caos”By: Agnieszka Wilde

“Kamikaze Diablo “ is the fiery fifth solo album from the Rock’n’Roll king of Madrid and very few bands these days can replicate the true roots of rock with such passion and originality as Star Mafia Boy does with complete ease.I can never choose favorites when it comes to this artist because each song has the ability to pierce my already weaken Rock’n’Roll soul in its very own special way. From the guitar riffs to the lyrical melodies there’s no escaping this album as it’s everything I love and everything I grew up with, however there are several songs that completely stand out. “Corazon Roto”,” No Dejes de Bailar”,” Ya No Hay Dolor” and “Glam Boy” are the songs that I sing on daily basis and mind you my Spanish is quite rusty. Star Mafia Boy has a huge potential to become a global artist because his drive, passion and talent are undeniable and all he needs is for people like you to open up your minds to the simple pleasure that is “Kamikaze Diablo”.


“Kamikaze Diablo”

By: Agnieszka Wilde

Cleveland’s own industrial rockers Mushroomhead have released another album titled “The Righteous and the Butterfly” the new album has perhaps a strange title but there’s lots of meaning behind it. It’s dedicated to Skinny’s wife and also J.J. Righteous the original guitarist who both passed away.This CD is packed with feet stomping, head banging songs; from the anthem-like “For your pleasure” to songs such as “ Devils be Damned”, “Qwerty” or “Graveyard Du Jour” The band displays rich musicianship with at times heavy keyboards and heart pounding drums. I’m not a fan of industrial rock therefore I’m not a fan of the distorted crazy-like vocals but I do appreciate the musical talent that holds this band together. Given the number of their YouTube hits even before the album’s release on May13th looks like they have plenty of crazed fans who impatiently await its arrival.


“The righteous and the Butterfly”

By: Agnieszka Wilde